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Glass Acoustic Diaphragm

 Redefining the beauty of sound

Glass Acoustic Innovations Co., Ltd. is a leader in the global glass acoustic diaphragm industry. We offer a comprehensive product line of glass diaphragms that can be seamlessly integrated into speakers, and also produce speaker drivers.


  • Glass Material Research 

  • Very Thin Glass Diaphragm Manufacturing 

  • Develop Flat Thin Glass Speakers 

  • Integrate LED Lights Within Glass Speakers

  • Transform Glass Displays Into Diaphragms

  • Implement Chip-On-Glass Technology on Glass Diaphragm

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Cone Speaker

Product Series 
Glass Diaphragm 

Flat Speaker

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What others have to say ...


GAIT's First-ever Display Panels as Passive Radiator Diaphragms Wins the Smart Display Application Award at Touch Taiwan 2022 

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