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GAIT Directions

Glass Acoustic Innovations Co., Ltd. is a leader in the global glass acoustic diaphragm industry. We offer a comprehensive product line of glass diaphragms that can be seamlessly integrated into speakers, and produce speaker drivers. Glass Acoustic Innovations Co., has extensive experience manufacturing audio modules and counts a number of customers as repeat clients.


  • Glass Material Research 

  • Very Thin Glass Diaphragm Manufacturing 

  • Develop Flat Thin Glass Speakers 

  • Integrate LED Lights Within Glass Speakers

  • Transform Glass Displays Into Diaphragms

  • Implement Chip-On-Glass Technology on Glass Diaphragm

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Technological Breakthroughs


XCompact Display Diaphragm Subwoofers utilize a clever combination of TFT or OLED displays as the bass passive radiator to create heavy basses and loud volumes, even in thin speakers. As a result, this brilliant combination achieves the perfect design for all applications requiring a thin speaker.

The high sound transmission capabilities of the glass diaphragm ensures that the sound quality is fast, crisp, dynamic, and clear, in addition to an incredibly powerful bass, all while maintaining a slim and narrow form. The high penetration capabilities of the glass diaphragm combined with the LED light allows a glimmering mix of audio-visual entertainment, where the sounds and lights dance in a rhythmic harmony.

The glass diaphragm is waterproof, UV resistant, and rigid, making them perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including karaoke parties, bathroom sound systems, yacht sound systems, and so much more!

XCompact Display Diaphragm Subwoofers has won the Smart Display Application Award at Touch Taiwan 2022!

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