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Glass Diaphragms 

Redefining Speaker Diaphragms

Glass Diaphragms are at the forefront of speaker diaphragms.


Glass Diaphragms offer a frequency band upgrade and exclusive unique features such as waterproofing-nature and illumination aesthetics through Glass Diaphragms. GAIT selects glass material from the world's leading manufacturers and processes it using our advanced 'ultra-thin glass processing technology,' which allows us to produce glass diaphragms that are thinner than 0.4mm.

The revolutionary technology of speaker diaphragm, Glass Diaphragm, surpasses other kinds of diaphragms in all aspects.


The glass diaphragm at the heart is truly one-of-a-kind, delivering an elevated frequency range, an unbeatably low bass, and proper damping. But that’s not all–glass has one of the fastest speeds of sound, allowing it to almost perfectly replicate recorded sounds without any distortions. In other words, audiophiles, sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite music exactly how the artists intended.


For designers, glass diaphragm is a canvas waiting to be painted. From incorporating various chrome colors, to intricately integrated LED light designs, to the ability to be molded into any shape or size, glass diaphragms are the perfect blank slate–a masterpiece on its own, yet also ready to be elegantly morphed into any application necessary. Waterproof by nature, environmentally friendly, and durable for any occasion. So why wait?


Immerse yourself in the magic of glass diaphragm, and let the music transport you to an auditory experience unlike any other. 

Core Concepts

Widened sound range:

Develop a wide-range speaker unit with the characteristics of light-weight glass and high-strength diaphragm

Optimal Acoustic Properties

The physical properties of glass, such as its high mechanical strength and fast sound propagation speed, make it an ideal material for acoustic diaphragms. Glass surpasses all benchmarks and stands out as the superior choice for diaphragm applications.


Glass combines the optimal acoustic properties of a hard diaphragm with the optimal damping of a soft diaphragm material.


As a naturally occurring mineral, glass presents significant environmental benefits as a sustainable and fully recyclable material that can replace current non-ecofriendly diaphragm materials.

Ultra-Thin Speaker:

The high-strength characteristics of the glass diaphragm can achieve loud volume and heavy bass effect in a compact container. 

Customized Design:

Customization service available for various shapes and sizes. 


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