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You’ve got questions?
We’ve got answers

What kind of glass are you using?​​

GAIT uses glass from Corning, NEG, and Schott to ensure the highest level of quality.

Are there any shape restrictions for glass diaphragms?​​

Glass can be molded to have multi curvatures, but not sharp angles.

Are glass diaphragms easily damaged?

No, GAIT's glass diaphragms have been chemically strengthened and have gone through rigorous and thorough ball drop tests.

To use the glass diaphragms, do I have to change the speaker designs? 

You will not need to change any designs. Simply replace the existing diaphragms with GAIT’s custom-made diaphragm to your speakers. 

What are the benefits?

Wider frequencies, optimal damping, higher mechanical, strength, waterproof abilities, among many others.

Where is GAIT’s factory? 

GAIT’s glass diaphragms are made in Taiwan 

GAIT’s speaker drivers are made in China and Taiwan 

Can touch control be used on the glass’ surface? Such as in the Auto Inner speakers?

Yes, just like tablets and mobile phones, touch control can incorporated into the glass surface.

What are the benefits of using the long-surface type speakers?

The slim surfaces create louder volume and lower bass, making it suitable for outdoor bass speakers and slim Bluetooth speakers.

How can they be integrated with LED lighting?

LED lights can be attached at the back of the glass speakers.​

Is it eco-friendly? 

Yes! Glass is a natural material. 

Why can glass diaphragms deliver better sound?

 Glass allows for faster sound transmission, lower density, high mechanical strength, and optimal damping.

Got other questions? 

Please drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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